There are certain parts of the day where you don't really want to do it, but you know you have to. Like flossing your teeth. Or putting laundry away.

Teaching sight words is the same way. You know you have to do it because it helps with fluency, but sometimes it's so mundane. However, being able to read sight words without hesitation helps your students better understand what is being read.


I spend 5-10 minutes every day teaching sight words using flashcards from Lakeshore Learning. We begin by reviewing previously learned sight words and introduce five new words every third day. To reinforce correct spelling and meaning, I'll have them use sight words in their writing journals. For example, I’ll choose a sight word then students will write five sentences using that word. The nice thing about these flashcards is that there's a sentence using the sight word on the flip side for guidance.

For a fun factor, we play Splat, a game centered around sight word knowledge. Players lay six sight word cards facing upwards on the table. When their sight word is called out, they flip it over. First person to have all their cards flipped, wins! My students enjoy this game and I like it because they're learning their sight words. It's a win-win.