My sister shared BHH Reading with me over the summer. BHH stands for book, head, heart and its purpose is to think about the text and apply it. In a time where standardized testing is the end-all of learning, tear, BHH is a breath of fresh air to teach students how to critically think and analyze test. B or in the BOOK refers to reading the text responsibly, H or in your HEAD refers to the thinking processes that take place when reading, and H or in your HEART relates to the emotional response; making personal connections that can change a person and give reading a purpose, inspiring a desire to read more.  This is an excellent article describing BHH and applying the strategy in the upper grades. 

Since I teach the lower grades, I'll be using BHH in its bare-bones. So I created a BHH Reading PDF for you to use in your classroom. All you need to do is download the PDF here and print.


Reading is transformative. Using the BHH strategy is a great way to make text come alive and apply it to our lives in our minds, hearts, and ultimately actions.