If you head over to Pinterest, there's an endless array of art projects for Eric Carle's hungry Caterpillar. So here's another one to add to that collection:  


MATERIALS: paint - primary colors (red, yellow, blue), toothbrush, butcher paper (thin is preferable; card stock is too heavy for a collage), pencil, scissors, mason jar, and glue.

STEPS: 1. To make Eric Carle's infamous caterpillar start with a color mixing lesson. Explain how yellow and blue create green. Ask students, What happens to the color if you add more yellow? (It's a lighter green.) What about more blue? (It's a darker shade of green). Using the toothbrush, paint the butcher paper different shades of green. You will also need to paint blocks of yellow and red. 2. After the painted paper dries, cut the paper into color segments. 3. Trace circles by plopping a mason jar upside-down and tracing it on the back side of the paper. This ensures that no pencil markings will be seen on the finished product.

STEPS, CONT.D: 4. Cut out the circles. One the backside of the circles, glue. Then flip them over and place carefully on card stock paper. 5. Trace and cut out the above shapes in the corresponding colors. 6. Assemble the caterpillar and glue the pieces down. 


TA DA! The Very Hungry Caterpillar done in the medium and style of Eric Carle.