Eric Carle is known to use collages for his pictures. However, he uses tissue paper and acrylic paint as his medium instead of regular paper. This is a rad place to first-hand experience Carle create his tissue paper. For this project, we didn't paint our own tissue paper like the talented Eric Carle. Instead, we visited our local Target and purchased tissue paper in multiple colors. (Yes, I took a shortcut. But if you're feeling like a go-getter, please, by all means, create your own tissue paper like Carle. The end product will look fantastic!) Here's what we did to make our setting, a leaf collage from tissue paper, inspired by the great Eric Carle:

MATERIALS: Green and brown tissue paper, white poster board (not the Styrofoam kind), a paintbrush, a pencil, some scissors, and a lot of glue.

STEPS: 1. Read book and chat about where this story takes place. Then watch this clip because it'll help you create the leaf in the style of Eric Carle. 2. Draw a leaf onto the poster board. Cut it out. 3. Cut out strips from the green tissue paper. Generously paint glue onto the poster board. Lay the tissue paper on the glue. 4. Repeat steps one through four until the entire leaf is covered. The more you layer, the better it looks because it gives you dimension and texture.

Dry. Save the leaf for our next activity, Plot.