What if dinosaurs came back? Malachi claims the brontosaurus as our ride to school. I'd personally take a pteranodon so that we could fly. Maile likes the plesiosaurus to keep us company when we surf in the water. It would be fun to have dinosaurs return.


In the meantime while we wait for non-violent Jurrasic Park to become reality, there's a place on the way to Palm Springs that has over 50 lifelike dinosaurs. 


If you chose to pay for Mr. Rex’s Dinosaur Adventure (child cost is $11; adult is $13) it includes a dinosaur exhibit, a dinosaur dig, fossil panning, and access to climb inside Mr. Rex all the way up to his mouth! 


When you find a rock with a dinosaur name in the fossil dig station, you can even claim a small prize at the gift shop. 

However, you don't have to pay the hefty price to enjoy the dinosaurs. Mr. Rex can be viewed from the parking lot without admission fees. 


You can even give a hug to a brontosaurus, free of charge!