So here's the TWO main reasons why I love these flashcards so much. NUMBER ONE: On the front, they have the letter. 


Then when you flip it over, there's a picture that shows the sound of that letter. For example, a is for apple / b is for ball / c is for cat.  


But the ultimate reason why I love, love, love, these flashcards is that there's a song that goes along with it. So NUMBER TWO: The flashcards match this song. 

This is my favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE alphabet song. Not only is it sweet and catchy, the song is effective. It sings: "A is for apple /a/ /a/ /a/ apple. B is for ball /b/ /b/ /b/ ball. C is for cat /c/ /c/ /c/ cat. D is for dog /d/ /d/ /d/ dog." Not only is it teaching the alphabet name, it teaches children the sound. Two for the price of one! Score!

How I use my flashcards in correlation with the song is that first I play the video for them so they become familiar with it. Then I'll play it again, this time with the flashcards. For every letter, I'll flash them the appropriate card. When they are accustomed to the song, I'll sing it acapella, omiting the sound so that the students will have to sing it. And it works! My struggling students have picked up letter sounds because of this song. It's a life saver. Did I mention I love it?

PS: I'll add an IG story to demonstrate how I use the song and these flashcards in my classroom.