I use these large letters every week with my kindergarten class. How, you may be asking? Well, let me explain. I use them as templates for art. Depending on the letter we're learning, I'll print the letter then my students will brainstorm items that begin with that letter. So for the letter T, we came up with TAPE. Here's what we did: 


STEPS: 1. I happen to own a stash of painters tape, so we used those. But in case you don't have any, Target usually has some Washi tape at their dollart section or Daiso has some cute, inexpensive ones. 2. Print the template then start laying the tape. 3. Make sure to cover the entire letter. 4. Flip the paper over (so you could see the outline better) and c, c-u, c-u-t! 

TA DA! T covered in TAPE. A simple, phonetic based activity to develop letter knowledge.