SPRING 10x10


I accepted the 10x10 challenge hosted by Lee Vosburgh. The challenge is simple: Pick any 10 items from your current closet, style those items into 10 different looks, and use 10 days to do it. I chose a pair of jeans, three pants, one dress, one skirt, two sweaters, and two blouses. Here's what I wore: 

I made sure to select outfits that easily mixed and matched, but also had personality, fit my job description (jeans were mandatory since I was going on a field trip on one of those 10 days), and spoke my personality.  


The exercise was easy, I just had to make sure all 10 articles of clothing were clean.

The hardest part was selecting the 10 pieces of clothing. Once chosen, it was fun to mix and match the pieces. I tried to make sure I used all the pieces at least once, but it turned out I liked the thrifted, cream sweater the most since I wore it four out of the 10 days. Whoops! 


Overall, I liked the challenge because it forced me to be creative with my outfits within the limited constraints. And laundry was lighter that week.  Plus, I had my outfits picked out the night before so I was on-time and ready for work the next day. Score! If you’re interested in learning how to simplify your life, I recommend trying this activity out. It’s a good jumping point to apply minimalism in your life.