LMNO Peas by Keith Baker is a colorful (art), charming (characters), and cute (rhyming text) alphabet book. Baker takes ordinary peas and transforms them into silly pea creatures that guide us through the alphabet, showcasing a variety of careers, hobbies, and interests. It's a vibrant, fun alphabet book that your children (and even yourself) will love.


Plus, there's several post-reading activities your little one can do. Here's what we did:

MATERIALS | 1 inch Circle Crafts Punch, green construction paper, alphabet stickers (These were found at the dollar section at Target. Yes, I'm always there. And yes, I took this photo after we finished our activity. That's why there's missing letters. No, Target didn't sell it to me like this.)

1. Cut out 26 circles. 2. Stick one sticker on each circle. I recruited my daughter to help so this activity is suitable for ages 3 and older. 3. Admire the peas.


There are many activities your child could play with these peas. Here's three:

  1. ABC ORDER | Jumble the peas and put them in alphabetical order. 
  2. PHONICS | Find objects around the home that begin with each letter.
  3. ART + PHONICS | Draw the pea performing an activity that begins with that letter.

And that's a wrap.

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