Today Malachi made a floral arrangement from flowers we found while taking a walk in our neighborhood. 


We weren't just out picking flowers, though. We had a goal in mind - FROYO and the park - were on the agenda. So out we went.


Along the way we found bougainvilleas, eucalpytus, and some roses for our arrangement.


But we also saw spring in action. 

After we carefully carried our treasures home, Malachi began arranging them. First he cut the stems to fit in the vase and to allow the flowers to drink better. Then he artfully arranged them in the jar. Finally, he added water. Voila! A floral arrangement to brighten your home.


I didn't come up with this activity. but found it on a Montessori blog. She writes, "Maria Montessori developed practical life activities to help children develop into independent thinking adults. Each step in a practical life activity satisfies the child’s innate desire to imitate the home life skills that children see adults perform around them on a daily basis."

"Flower arranging includes a number of home life activities, so it is best for kindergarteners, preschoolers and older toddlers who have had a lot of experience with skills such as carrying a tray, pouring, and using scissors for cutting."

There you have it. Practical. Pretty. Playful.