Bright Lite Magazine

Meet Maile. She is 10. She spends her time surfing and splashing in the Pacific blue. You could find her carving in snow, skateboarding on concrete, and doing tumbles in the grass. She is your typical tween girl - hanging out with her friends, school, shopping, scrolling through social media, trying out hacks, watching YouTube videos, and designing new ideas to decorate her room. 


Bright Lite Magazine caters to girls like her. Girls that need a safe place to inspire, advise and relate to what girls are going through - whether it's manuevering through friendships, struggling with self-confidence, learning new sports, gaining an understanding of different perspectives, and so much more. 

AND girls all over the world are given the opportunity to submit their work to Bright Lite. This means this magazines not only is curated for 8-15 YOs, but the majority of the content is created by these girls. When young girls see work that is done by their peers, it not only inspires them, but boosts their self-confidence as well. 


Every issue is dedicated to a central theme. The above issue was all about SPORTS: specifically basketball, gymnastics, hockey, ballet, football, soccer, roller skating, skateboarding.


MAILE: "It was cool to see girls my age participate in the same sports as I do. It was also neat to see girls who look like me."


Bright Lite is a collection of submission from girls all over the world. The submissions include photos, interviews, articles, recipes, crafts, journals, music, and advice specifically designed for things girls experience at this time of their lives.  


MAILE: "When I see girls my age in magazines doing their sport they're good at, it encourages me to try it too. It makes me think that I could do it too."

The issue below was about WATER. It was filled with poems about water; interviews with a junior marine biologist, a chairwoman of California's Resources Control Board, and a professional surfer; pool party fashion; diy-ing water bottle holders, making aquarium soap, and crafting shell accessories; and making infused chill water, fruity flower pops, and flower ice. 


MAILE: "I really liked this issue because I live near the ocean. My family loves the water. We're there all the time. It's my happy place."

MOM: If only every girl can have access to Bright Lite Magazine. It's filled with good advice, creative DIYs, crafts & recipes, and its content is completely relevant to girls 8 to 15 YOs. When I read through the issues, it makes me happy knowing my daughter is reading material that's positive, inspiring, and helping her building self-confidence, self-accpetance, and self-worth." 


The next issue is about FRIENDSHIPS.  So if you're a girl or if you know of any girls that's between the ages 8 to 15 YOs, Bright Lite Magazine accepts writing, essays, art, poetry, and photography submissions from girls all over the world.