We made a super-duper easy yet dazzling rainbow mobile from items you probably have laying around your house. For example, do you have a white paper plate? (Of course we do! NEXT!) How about watercolors? (No...but we have crayons and markers.) That will suffice. Okay. How about streamers. (Cricket.) Do you have streamers? (More crickets.) Looks like you need one of the most integral components of our art craft today. Let’s pause and head over to the store. (I heard the Dollar Tree has an excellent selection of streams!) Perfect! Make sure to grab all the colors of the rainbow! 


And ... we’re back in business. 

STEPS: 1. First paint the paper in a rainbow design. If you done have watercolors, you can use markers or crayons. 2. After it dries, fold the plate in half and cut it. 3. Cut the streamers into 1 foot strips. 4. Put a line of wet glue down and start arranging the streamers into a rainbow. 


Finally, staple the other plate to the other side to hide all the glue marks. And TA DA! A beautiful rainbow. We made this in conjunction with the book, Last Stop in Market Street. Such a beautiful book with a solid message. I highly recommend. And, I’ve included my favorite quote from the book. Enjoy!