If you have children between the ages 5-17, then you've heard of the Pancake Art Challenge. My three kids begged and begged and begged me to do it. So during Thanksgiving break, we did. Turns out, it was a lot of fun. Just expect a HUMONGOUS mess to clean up, especially if you're a neat person and enjoy a clean kitchen. 

To tie this activity with literacy, we read Eric Carle's Pancakes and Pancakes by Lotta Nieminem. Then we made pancakes ... WITH A TWIST!


MATERIALS: 8 squeeze bottles, gel icing colors, pancake batter, oil, and grill. 

STEPS: 1. Make the batter. 2. Here comes the DIFFICULT PART - filling the squeeze bottles with batter. Thankfully the bottles came with a funnel so we used that to fill the bottles. 3. Mix the batter with a different color gel. 4. Turn on the stove. 5. Spray the pan with cooking oil or cooking spray; 6. DESIGN!!!


This was the FUN part. My kids went to town creating their own works of art. At first they challenged each other by each of them making a rainbow, a minion, and a fidget spinner. Then they started making their own pancakes. 

TA DA! Pancake Challenge Complete! Success! I'm a supermom! YES!!!


I highly recommend doing this Pancake Challenge. It's fun, messy, and memorable. Enjoy!