Valentine‚Äôs Day is a day to celebrate love, but not everyone has someone that loves them in return. This is what we talked about in my classroom. Love by Lowell A. Siff is a sweet, hearbreaking story about a little orphan girl who just wanted to be love and be loved in return. I cried at the end of the reading, and my students eyes grew like saucers as I wiped away my tears. But it's okay. I need them to see how paramount love is - when you receive it and when you don't. Love gave us the platform to talk about how people's actions change negatively when they're neglected. We discussed how people say mean things when they're ignored. And we spoke about how we could help them - whether it's by saying hello to a homeless woman (with our parents, of course) or assisting a grandpa with his shopping cart. Or maybe just smiling at someone at the stop light. Simple things to bring love.

you are loved.jpg

I gave my students another way they could spread love in their neighborhood. I gave them each a flyer they could post up in their local grocery store, coffee shop, or telephone pole And you could have a copy of the flyer too! All you need to do is print this flyer. And post it where you think someone needs a little love sent their way. It's not much, but it's something. 


Happy Valentine's Day!