Today we have a free printable that could be paired with food and non-food gifts. All you need to do is print, cut, and stuff. Oh, but did we mention, it’s an interactive valentine? For this printable, you can challenge someone special in your life to a friendly game of tic tac toe. Key word: friendly. Here’s what we did: 

STEPS: 1. Print this valentine printable. We used card stock for durability. (My favorite brand is Recolections from Michael’s.) 2. Cut. 3. Buy items that you’d like to give with the valentine. 4. We chose coins, goldfish, Cheerios, pom poms, and M&M’s.

For those with sweet tooth’s: Starbursts, Mentos, conversational hearts, gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids.

For those who are health conscious: a variety of nuts, trail mix, and dry fruit. 

For non food item ideas: erasers, confetti, plastic rings.

Just remember that you need two types of goodies (whether it be differentiated by size, color, variety) to play tic tac toe. 


To package them up, I went to my local Daiso store and found these cellophane bags. They fit perfectly with the valentine. Then I added my items and voila! An fun, interactive, and maybe edible valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!