Are you familiar with a Venn Diagram? It’s a graphic organizer that helps students compare and contrast ideas, an analystical way of thinking. You can even use it at the kindergarten level.


Let’s say you’re learning about the differences between apples and organges. On the title, you’d write FRUITS. Then on the lines below the circles, you’d write apple on one side and oranges on the other. Then it’s time to compare. On the other circles, you’d write characteristics that are DIFFERENT from the other. For example,

apple: red, crunchy, you can eat the peel

orange: orange, juicy, cannot eat the peel

Then in the middle section, where the two circles connect, are the SIMILARITIES they both share such as it’s a fruit, grow on trees, seeds, stem, peels.


For some odd reason, I couldn’t find a nicely designed graphic organizer on the internet without adding some cookies or whatever other program to slow down my computer. So I decided to create my own Venn Diagram for FREE. All you need to access it, is to click here then download and print.

Happy comparing and contrasting, friends!