There are copious ways to use these big letters - we decorated them with glitter and tape plus worked on some phonemic awareness activities. Today we’re using them as decorations in our classroom as a reminder to BE KIND. Here’s what we did:


1. Download and print these letters. 2. Depending on your message, select the letters you need. We used the uppercase letters B, E, K, I, N, and D. 3. Print them on colorful paper. I used orange, yellow, and pink. 4. Laminate for durability.

I’m a schoolteacher, so I happen to have a laminating machine on hand in my home. I love this machine. I’ve written fondly about it in the past. It’s durable, portable, inexpensive, and high-quality. I utilize it often because I have 5 to 7-year-olds hands touching, prodding, and placing these letters and so far, they’ve withstand their uses. End of promotion.


Cut out your letters! I left the outline because the letters pop out better.


Hang. TA DA! Brilliant.

Of course, you can tailor the letters to fit the message you’re creating in your classroom climate. We’re focusing on KINDNESS because it goes a long way. Plus, the world always needs a little more of it. Happy Cutting, friends.