Hello! Christine here. It’s time to play. After all, life is too short to take things seriously. One thing I’ve decided to be more playful with are my outfits.

In the past, I was more reserved in my outfits. I cared too much about whether my wardrobe deemed professional, teacher-ish, and well, serious. So I wouldn’t wear things I normally would outside of Monday-Fridays. Things changed this year.

This year marks THE MOST CHALLENGING teaching year of my career. I’m currently in the midst of teaching three grade levels. Yes, you heard right. THREE. I teach EIGHT young kindergarteners, FIVE eccentric first graders, and EIGHt energetic second graders. That means I have 21 students between the ages of 5 to 8 years-old.

Because of my work load, I knew I had to be playful in something to keep me sane, something that’s been apart of me since I was in fifth grade - clothes. I’ve always loved style, shopping, and putting outfits together. So … to keep a little creativity in my professional life (sidenote: I’m still working on classroom management like raising your hand and walking in a straight line) I’m playing with how I dress. I’m pushing some boundaries I didn’t in the past (hello, hot pink! shorts for work? and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize - okay, to be honest - I’ve only played with sunglasses and a brooch, but hey! It’s a start.) And so far, so much fun. Welcome to a new series - teacher style aka a therapeutic way of dealing with high-stress.

With Love, Christine