Letter Recognition

It's the beginning of the year for my kindergarten students. Some enter with hearty alphabet knowledge while others have no clue what letter is what. With such a juxtaposition of knowledge, I begin the year reviewing (and for some, introducing) the alphabet. Here's an easy activity students can do to acquire alphabet knowledge. 


First, download and print these flashcards. PS. They're free and made by yours truly. To keep them durable and long-lasting, I laminate them using this laminating machine. It's my utmost favorite as seen in this post. 

Next, arrange the alphabet flashcards on a flat surface, letter-side up. Using magnetic letters (I bought mine from Lakeshore), find its match.


And that's it! A very easy activity to teach letter recognition. Since I'm juggling three grades, this is an excellent INDEPENDENT activity for students to work on after they're finished with their work. Enjoy!