I teach letter recognition simultaneously with sound recognition. When I introduce a letter, I teach its sound. This is how I usually present it: "Students, what sound does a dog make?" (bark) "What about a duck?" (quack) "Horse?" (neigh) "Snake" (hiss) "Kitten?" (meow) What about a lion?" (roar)

"Students, did you know letters make sounds too? Every letter makes a sound, sometimes two or three or four. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Today I'm going to teach you what the letter A makes. It says /a/ as in apple." 

Once I finish my direct instruction and give them their worksheet, I usually have a hands-on activity as reinforcement. Here's a quick sound recognition activity. 


You will need these alphabet flashcards and magnetic letters


Arrange the flashcards picture side up. Use six at time so that students do NOT feel overwhelmed. Next, arrange the magnetic letters that will be used to avoid confusion.


Instruct students to say the picture's name and find the beginning letter that it begins with. For example, a is for apple. 

And just like that, another sound recognition activity for the books. Enjoy! Christine