Say Zoop! Activity

We had a blast reading Herve Tullet's book, Say Zoop! I'll be honest, I was skeptical if Tullet could top off the creativity he did in Mix It Up (an interactive picture book about mixing colors) with this sequel. But boy! I was surprised. Say Zoop! integrates music AND the visual arts. He cleverly invites the reader to use dots to make music. You have to pick up a copy of this book and give it a read to see how it works. 


Fridays are a special day in my classroom. We have a school-wide assembly, spelling tests, cooking, and art. So for this art project, Say Zoop! was our inspiration for making abstract art pieces. Here's what we did:


Using primary colors and a hole punch, cut out holes. A lot of them.


I provided pieces of paper in many colors for their choosing. I myself used the cover as inspiration, but I also told them, "You do NOT have to copy my work. This is your time to create whatever you like with the materials I have provided. Create. Create. Create."


To my delight, my students opted to create their own designs (instead of copying Herve Tullet's pieces) and began arranging their dots and strips of paper to the rhythm of their brain.


This is one's students interpretation. I love the vibrant use of colors and use of negative and positive space.


This piece shows incredible action. The dots feel alive, as if they're jumping off the page. This activity reminded me to give students the freedom of creating without giving them restrictions. Happy Creating! Christine