I'm on a printable obsession right now! Today's free printable is a set of word family posters for your classroom. I printed them on colorful cardstock to differentiate the vowels. A got rad red, E is orange, I got yellow, O is lovely green, and lucky U got blue. 


I use word families in many ways. One way is a warm-up activity (which I also use with flip books). Another way is a spelling list for my first graders. Here's how: 


Every week we focus on one word family. We read them, build them, blend them, and dissect them. We also have a spelling test at the end of the week to assess if they mastered how to spell and blend the word family.  


There's many spelling activities to practice spelling. One easy activity is to have them write the word three times with different colors. This is called Rainbow Words. If you want more spelling practice ideas, click on here if you want to spend a little money ($2.50) and if you're on a tight budget and need something free, click here. Enjoy! Christine