Flip Books

Thank you, friends, for visiting my little corner of the world. As a teacher, I love sharing things I use in my classroom that are useful and aesthetically pleasing (toot! toot! did you hear me tooting my own horn! ha ha ha.) Today I have a printable that you will find practical because it allows students to read word families independently. Here's how. 




First download these printables. There's a lot of them so be ready for a printing party. Whoot! Whoot! Also, I like to print the root words on cardstock paper because the heaviness mechanically supports the flip books. Next is to cut, cut, CUT! Third is to take the mini binder clip along with the cut paper and bind them to make a book.


PRESTO! An instant Word Family Flip Book. I let my students read these books as a warm up to our literature circle time. It's a great way for my struggling readers to feel successful because of the rhymes and it gives my strong readers a mini review of word families. It's a win win.