I follow the Letter of the Week format for my kindergarten students. Some experts don't agree thay it's an effective way of teaching the alphabet, but I find it to work in my own classroom because we do tons of review PLUS it's a combination class (K-2) so the younger ones listen when I'm teaching the older ones their language arts and math. You definitely have to be an organized person to teach a combo classroom, but I enjoy it. For the most part. Well, to be honest, the first month of school is the hardest (sort of like bringing home a newborn ... but I love the newborn phase ... which is probably why I'm a kindergarten teacher.) But that's another post.


Every Friday I have my students create these art posters as a small culmination of what letter they mastered that week. At the end of the year, they compile them into a book, and it becomes an Alphabet Book. Note: I didn't make the template for these letters, I found them on Crafty Bee Creations page on Teachers Pay Teachers. TPT is a danger zone for me. Just like Target. And Pinterest. And any grocery store when I'm hungry. 


It's effective because each letter represents the sound it makes. For example, a is for apple, w is for watermelon, or x is for xylophone.  


All you need to do is purchase the printable, print, cut, and glue away.


I still have my son's Alphabet Book. Sometimes I browse through it, reminiscing of times past. Trust me. You'll want to make this Alphabet Book because it's a time capsule for times spent in kindergarten when they were still learning how to cut and glue.

Time flies. Enjoy!