Initial Sound Mat

I'm juggling three grades this year. (Whew.) This means I'm pulling from the Montessori way and having my students work on independent activities once they're finished with their work. Many of the activities include kinetic sand, play doh, beads, tangrams, board games, puzzles, and other manipulative activities that boost their letter, sound, number, or math knowledge. This activity saved me today. Best part - it's free. Click here for the free printable. This is what we did:


It's an initial sound mat. The idea is to have students look at the picture, say its name, then place the magnetic letter on top that it begins with. For example, r is for ring. And u is for umbrella.

pdf 777.JPG

I use magnetic letters as a teaching tool because there are many educational uses for them. In fact, I plan to write a post listing all the activities I do in my class to supplement learning. 


PS. TGIF it's Friday tomorrow. And it's a long weekend! This means I have more time to work on more activities like these. Signing off, Christine