Seed Sort

This is a good beginning of the year activity for science and math because it's straightforward, integrated between two subjects, and builds fine motor skills. This activity is based upon a classic book, The Carrot Seed, a book about a little boy planting a seed and not giving up. First I read the book, then we talked about how seeds germinate, and finally, I showed my students this video to explain how seeds become a plant. Then we sorted seeds. Here's what we did:


I bought three types of seeds - watermelon, popcorn, and sunflower. (You could use whatever seeds that are available.) I plopped them into a cup and mixed them up. Then I passed out this freebie to help sort the seeds. 


Students then dumped the seeds onto their seeds and began sorting.


I've forgotten that my kindergarten students can't count up to 100, so I had to adjust the amount of seeds I gave them. My 2nd graders received about 70 seeds while my younger ones sorted 20 seeds. 


After sorting, students wrote how many seeds they counted. And that's it. A great introduction to learning about seeds and counting. Oh, and one more thing. I showed my students this Peep video because Peep is awesome! And so are my students! And seeds! Enjoy!