Nature Art

Do you remember making press flowers? I do. It was a successful way of keeping prom flowers alive. We did our version of press flowers using a laminating machine. After all, it's 2017 and it's difficult to wait 5 days for flowers to dry. ;) Here's what we did: 

flowers 2.JPG

On Monday or at least three days before working on the art activity, pass out a plastic or paper bag along with this free and printable note. 


Once you have all your treasures collected, deconstruct the petals and leaves. Take this laminating sheet, open it up, and start designing on one side. In the meantime, warm-up your laminating machine.

Okay. This is where I rant and rave over this machine. I am IN LOVE with it. This machine is my hero, my BFF, my co-pilot. Okay. Perhaps I'm exhagerating a little bit, but this machine is awesome. It is reliable (it was able to laminate over 200 times + counting.) It is inexpensive. It does excellent work. (My laminated projects are still in-tact despite 180 days of prospective uses by 5-7 YOs.) And it's portable. (We still have a laminating machine at my school and it's a dinosaur. A large one. It still sits in the teacher's lounge taking a quarter of the space.)  


Once finished, fold over the sheet and head to your laminating machine.


Slowly insert it into the machine and watch it do its magic of laminating.


TA DA! Press flowers in less than a minute. You could even use popsicle or craft sticks to frame these beautiful pieces of nature from nature. Enjoy!