Dirt Cake Parfait


On Fridays it's Cooking Friday in my classroom. Now, I use the term "cooking" loosely. Most of the time it's assembly, cutting, mixing, dumping, spreading, and plopping. So for our first Cooking Friday, we made dirt cake because the techniques are simple - banging, plopping, and dumping. Here's what you need: 

dirt cake.jpg

The materials you need are a sandwich bag, spoon, and a clear cup. Here's what we did: First, take the Oreos and separate them. Scrape off the cream filling. (Some students interpreted scrape as licking it off.) Place wafers inside a plastic bag. Then bang the cookies until they look like crumbs. Or dirt.


Start assembling. First plop a dallop of chocolate pudding into the bottom of the clear cup. Next split the chocolate cake into pieces and dump it on top of the pudding. Add the rest of the pudding. 


Sprinkle the broken Oreos on top to resemble dirt. For the cherry on top, gently plant the mint leaf into the dirt. 


TA DA! Dirt Cake Parfaits. Simple, fun, and messy. Enjoy!