The Carrot Seed

To continue the blossom theme, we read The Carrot Seed and worked on this art activity. It's a simple one AND it strengthens little fingers. (This one's for you, OT's.) Before starting, print this free printable. Here's what we did: 


First we read The Carrot Seed. I brought in carrots (complete with carrot tops) for my students to taste. They washed and peeled the carrots. I cut the carrots -  just to be safe. (I usually have someone volunteer to cut with my sharp knife, but I wisely decline. I like my teaching job.) Then we taste-tested carrots.


Taste test time.

Which carrot is your favorite?

After testing, they chose which carrot they liked best. Most said they all tasted the same, but I have several that loved them all! (They'll probably be kindergarten teachers one day.) After they chose their favorite, I passed out the printable and they decorated it with little strips of paper pertaining to their favorite carrot. 


This activity is easy and looks nice. It's a great one to ease into a school year. Well, have a good weekend. I'll see you on Monday!