ABC Mini Books

As a school teacher, summer is a liberating time. I don't do anything on first several days of vacation. Absolutely nothing. If I'm lucky, I might change out of my pjs. Then Phase II kicks in: do absolutely everything on my summer bucket list - go to the beach and surf, Hawaii, read, write books, dentist and doctor appointments, read, read, read. Phase III sets in about mid-July. It's when I realize that I only have several weeks left of vacation. My teacher brain starts kicking into high gear, prepping and planning for the new school year. Which brings us here:


I made mini books! (Could I get a whoot! whoot!) These 26 mini-books highlight a letter of the alphabet and focuses on sight words. These books are fun and practical for children who are learning how to read because they're repetitious and simple. They can make them by themselves. Here's what we did:

First print the mini books. You could find the printables here. Make sure to print them doublesided because you'll be assembling them into book form. Then ...

1. Color the books. We used crayons because markers soak through. 2. Fold in half, landscape-wise. 3. Cut on the folded line. 4. Staple together.

TA DA! The entire alphabet (and some sight words, can't forget those sight words) at your fingertips. This is a fun activity for your kids to do when you need a little time to wash dishes or prepare a meal. Or perhaps sneak in an episode of Better Call Saul in your bedroom. ;)