Lit Joy Crate

I was delighted to find this crate waiting patiently for me on my front doorstep. The Tiffany Blue box was calling me to open it. But, I didn't. I impatiently waited for my seven-year-old to return home from jiu jitsu so we could open it together. I'm glad I did because that box was full of treasures for him. And for me.


The contents of the box included: a Quaker chewy reduced-sugar Gronola Bar, a HappyTot Superfood Dino puffs, an inflatable soccer ball, a sports whistle, a winners metal, a bandage kit (which I immediately plopped into my backpack), soccer sports sock, and my personal favorite - Allergy Blend Essential - because I constantly suffer from allergies. And yes, I claimed that one too!


My son immediately grabs the whistle, blowing it until my ears started ringing. Then he rips open the granola bar and starts munching on it. Socks are being worn tomorrow for school. And the inflatable soccer ball quickly became filled with air, thrown and kicked around the house as if it was always part of the family. I'd say this box was full of good loot!


Now let's talk about the book - Hey, Coach! by Linda Ashman. It's colorful, relatable, and oh, so, true! It's about a soccer team's journey through the eyes of the coach. It begins with the team's first practice, the focus is naming the team and its novice players. It moves to Game #1. Ashman writes, "We chase the ball. We all ... collide." These two pages vividly brings back memories of when my son first played soccer, especially when his team looked like they were swarm of bees that happened to be chasing a ball. The book effortessly narrates the team's progression, done cleverly with a scorecard nestled in the corner of the page. It's a sweet touch.


After reading Linda Ashman's book, Hey, Coach! it all made sense why Lit Joy Crate is good at what they do. Alix and Kelly first choose a good picture book, then they dissect it. The result is a carefully curated box of treasures, matching the book to bring the story alive. For me, it made perfect sense why a package of bandaids, snacks, and a whistle were integral components of this care package. Check them out!