I heart Sundays. It's a day of relaxing, spending time with family, and of course, creating. I wake up bright and early on Sunday mornings to commence a project or two before spending the latter half of Sunday with family. It's a lovely routine. Here's what I made this past Sunday: 




MATERIALS:  Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft paints, Creatology's Wood Letters and Numbers, paintbrush, and a paper plate. Here's what we did:

STEP 1: Open the package and arrange the letters in alphabetical order. This will help you correctly paint the right letter. For example, the letters A, J, S are pink; B, K, T are red; C, L, U are orange; D, M, V are yellow; E, N, W are light green, F, O, X are green, G, P, Y are light blue; H, Q, Z are blue; finally, I and R are purple. I only used half the letters. STEP 2: Paint! STEP 2, TIP: Make sure to paint the front AND the back.

STEP 3: Dry the letters on newspaper or whatever type of paper you have. These dry rather quickly, so don't leave them overnight or they will stick. Trust me. I had to paint these twice. STEP 4: Pop them out. Be careful because they're fragile and some letters will break. STEP 5: Store in a safe place.


You could play fun phonics games with the letters, games like:

  • MYSTERY RHYME -  Lay out three letters. Have your child guess which letter it is by changing the original word into the new word. i.e. Start with M E N. Say, "It rhymes with men. It starts with /t/." (change the men to ten); It rhymes with log, it starts with /d/. (dog); It rhymes with go. It starts with /n/. (no); It rhymes with sun. It starts with /f/. (fun). It rhymes with look. It starts with /b/. (book).
  • WHAT'S MISSING? - If you mom is "Om" and your dad is "Ad," it must be Missing Sound Day. Can you figure out what a grown-up wants if (s)he says, "Bring me a: encil (p); up (c); ork (f). Bring the missing letter and the item. Make up more missing-sound words.
  • LETTER TALK: Randomly pick a letter from the collection, like T. All your friends and family members must change their names to start with /t/: Tom (Mom); Tad (Dad); Talea (Kalea); Taile (Maile); Talachi (Malachi). Can you make more T words? How about foods? Do you think teanut tutter and tell or tilk and tookies are tunny tacks?

Have fun!