David McKee's Elmer is colorful, funny, and unique elephant. He stands out from his elephant herd, personality-wise and looks-wise. So one day Elmer has enough and leaves, to become like them. After finding elephant-colored berries and rubbing it all over him, he returns. The herd doesn't recognize him. He blends right in. Then something happens, but you have to read the book to find out. This book shares a strong lesson of individuality and to teach it, we made Elmer! Here's what we did:


MATERIALS: The main material is tape. You could use washi tape, but we used colorful painter's tape. You also need scissors and googly eyes


STEP ONE: Click on this template, download and print.


STEP TWO: Flip the paper over so that Elmer is on the back. Talk about patterns, showing the very last page of the picture book for inspiration on making new patterns. Then, create your own pattern. (It's best to choose two or three colors.) Place your tape carefully. 


STEP THREE: Flip the paper over and cut out the elephant. 


STEP FOUR: Flip it back over and add some eyes! 


Individuality is an important lesson to discuss early on. Most young children gravitate, crave, and desire to fit in. It's part of their development progress. However, planting seeds of uniqueness, individuality, and differences is vital because it allows them to embrace who they are as individuals a little bit easier. This book is ideal for post reading discussions, chatting about our talents and gifts, why we look different, and how these differences make our world even more colorful and beautiful.