These hands helped spread love. It was a challenging experience, but a rewarding one. 


We arrive at the plaza around half past two, set up our station, and begin scouting for people to ask if they want to send a valentine for someone special in their lives. 


Surprisingly, most individuals said, "No, thank you." It discouraged the four children, but after a small pep talk their spirits were brought back up again. They were back at it asking strangers to send some love. 


Sometimes they receive a happy response, like this man. 


Most of the time, it was a resounding NO!


But they didn't give up despite the rejections. And I'm pleased they didn't because something beautiful happened.


The girls spot an older gentleman sitting all alone. When they ask him if wants to send a valentine to a loved one, he responds - "I don't have anyone special in my life. Besides, I can barely write because I just had a stroke." After the girls report back this message, I ask them what they should do. Together they decide to give HIM a valentine instead of asking him to give one to someone else. They grab a valentine and write, "I hope you feel better. Happy Valentine's Day." To top it off, they select a hot pink carnation from our centerpiece and run back to him. After the present their little gifts, he proceeds to ask them their names. A few minutes of chit chat later, the girls say goodbye and God bless. 


As they walk away, he crumbles to a heap, tears streaming down his face. Indeed, it was God blessed. ❤️