The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or touched - it must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller


February 14 is usually spent celebrating love between couples, classmates, and colleagues. This year we want to celebrate love within our community by spreading the love. How? We're setting up a valentine booth. We will ask people if they want to send a love note to someone in their lives, and we'll supply the valentine and the paid postage. Here's what we did:


MATERIALS: Valentine template, watercolor paint, paintbrush, Martha Stewart Crafts heart cutout, water, glue, scissors, and white card stock paper.


STEP ONE: Download and print this love quote on card stock paper. Cut out the valentines. 


STEP TWO: Paint one sheet of card stock paper with streaks of water colors, using a variety of colors.


STEP THREE: After the paint and paper dries, punch out the hearts using this cutout. (I love it so much I posted about it twice - and this is not even a paid advertisement. Wait a minute, we don't have paid sponsors. Haha.) Martha Stewart is astounding, and this craft product suitably named after her makes me believe in her crafting power. Trust me, you want this tool in your craft supply.


It's effortless! The hearts come out perfect 98.7654321% of the time! Crisp, clean, and easy. 


STEP FOUR: Glue the hearts onto the valentine. We chose to eliminate the word "heart" and plop an actual heart in its place. 


TA DA! A valentine to spread the love. Curious how our Valentine's Day Project went? Find out more tomorrow! To be continued . . .