Play Doh is an entertaining yet functional item to have in stock at your home and classroom. It develops hand and arm muscles from rolling, kneading, cutting, and forming the dough. It sparks creativity because you can make anything - from pizzas to cookies, cars to rainbows, and numbers and letters. Today we made messages for the birthday girl - ME!!!


MATERIALS: Malachi asked for play dough tools (rollers, stencils, and cut outs) this Christmas, so Santa delivered it. But since Santa is on vacation, you could purchase them here


Roll out the dough into 1/2 an inch in thickness. Using stencils, cut out your desired letters. Let the letters air dry or bake in the oven for a few minutes.


How many words can you make from these play dough letters?


You could create a message from the play dough (Happy Birthday Mom), bake them, and place them in a box. Write a little note: We sent you a message. Just unscramble the letters. Then wrap and send! Or you could save these letters and play phonics games with them. There's endless possibilities!