We're enjoying the "winter" season here in southern California, but as a teacher, I'm always planning and prepping for the upcoming season. (Put your hands up if you're a TYPE A!!!) This time it's SPRING! So to welcome the warmth of spring, I've resurrected a classic book by Eric Carle, The Tiny Seed, plus the activity I did alongside with it. Here's what we did: 

First I read aloud The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. Next we discussed living and non-living things. I carefully guided the conversation to plants, specifically flowers, so that we can do our next activiy - walk around our school campus scouting for flowers.


After we plucked our flowers (don't worry - we made sure to leave flowers for the rest of our school) we headed back to our classroom to work on a parts of a flower worksheet. You can find a free copy right here (courtesy of Simply Kinder). 


Then came the creative and scientific part. We carefully examined our flower and sketched it out.  Finally, we brought our flowers back to life with watercolors.  


If you have magnifying glasses, books, videos or whatever other means of discovering the intriciate parts of a flower, please do so. Your ever-curious child will thank you. Enjoy!