We made a 2018 calender gift for our parents. This DIY gift is simple yet the outcome is beautiful and useful. Here's what we did:


To generate ideas for our calender, I read A Busy Year by Leo Lionni. We discussed seasons and particularly what happens during each month. Then we decided on what symbol or picture we'd create to depict that month. 


I downloaded the free 2018 calendar PDF from Barley and Birch. If you don't follow her, YOU NEED TO. They create fun and modern crafts and activities for children. Trust me. Head over there and check out their site. 


Okay, once you're finished printing (I printed them on cardstock for durability) the calender, you're ready for some cutting and glue action like Matisse. 

Then fasten a clip, and you're good to go. A BIG thank you to Barley and Birch for this free calendar PDF. Hope you find this useful and helpful, especially during a busy holiday season. Love, Christine