It’s almost Christmas and Santa Claus is about to depart for his annual circle around the globe. But what awaits him is a totaled, smashed, and battered sleigh. Oh no! How will Santa deliver all the presents? The elves have an idea - they come up with a building contest to determine which team can create a sleigh fit for Santa. One team builds a dragster sleigh, another creates a big rig, then there’s a floating ship, part blimp / part hot air balloon, and even a motorcycle sleigh. With so many awesome designs, which one does Santa pick? You’ll have to read The 12 Sleighs of Christmas by Sherri Dudley Rinker to find out.

As an after-reading acticity, my students designed their own sleighs fit for Santa and all his needs. They had such a blast using their imaginations and creativity. 

For my older students, they were assigned to describe their sleighs in their writing journals to extend this art activity into language arts. Fun!