It was suggested by my son (and student) that we should work on Christmas crafts for the next three weeks. I was thisclose in agreement but I opted instead to do a winter theme for this week, then Christmas for the last two weeks before break. So today we made mittens!


But before we got started, I read The Mitten by Jan Brett. It's an endearing Ukrainian tale about a boy named Nikki who begs his Baba (grandma) to knit him white mittens which Baba isn't too convinced about since white mittens + white snow = not a good outcome. But Nikki is quite convincing so Baba knits up a pair. Sure enough, Nikki loses a mitten. What happens next is humorous and leaves you feeling warm inside. 


MATERIALS: paint, glue, cardstock paper, mitten template, markers or crayons, and white glitter.

First download and print mitten template. Design the mitte. Then paint cardstock with paint.


1. Once it's painted, sprinkle the cardstock with glitter because the paint acts as an adhesive to the glitter. 2. While you're waiting for the glue/glitter to dry, write a descriptive paragraph about mittens. 3. Cut out mittens and glue. 4. Paste the mitten onto the snowy landscape.

Write the descriptive paragraph onto a snowball (or a white circle) and glue it onto the gloves. And presto! A little read + make activity for Jan Brett's The Mitten.