Today's alphabet art series isn't just one where you pay a passive role and admire its beauty. No, no, no. This alphabet art is hands-on, experiential, and crafty. It's like those pop up museums (like this one and that one) that are so hot and trendy at the moment. Yes, you dear reader, get to participate in today's akphabet art. Here it is ... 


Not only is this alphabet phonetic (meaning the beginning sound matches the letter), it's totally touchable and FREE! Yes, you heard me right. All the letters are COMPLIMENTARY, ON THE HOUSE, GRATIS, WITHOUT CHARGE, FOR NOTHING! And it's found right here. You do have to have a very steady hand to cut the letters out, a colored printer, and a whole-lotta patience. But hey, if you happen to have a free afternoon or bored children, make away! Enjoy!