I love me a good alphabet. I love me an alphabet that is beautiful to stare at, worthy enough to hang on my wall because of its uniqueness and cleverness, and well, teaches the alphabet. (Yes, I'm a total nerd. I love learning!) So here at The Bookworm Club, I decided to start a series on ALPHABET ART. There's incredible pieces of alphabet work out there in the Internet Universe that I'm dying to share, starting with this one . . .


The vibrant colors drew me into this magnificent collection of letters. I'm not sure where it originated from but I did get the image from this site. Which happens to be in french. On a side note, I did take one year of french in high school. I barely survived the class. But if you happen to be fluent in french, let me know what the article says by commenting below. And if you don't speak or understand french, you can still comment below about this gorgeous aphabet. EAT YOUR EYES OUT! Christine