Halloween is only three days away. Here at The Bookworm Club, we've made night lights to help your little ones feel safer about the dark. Plus, they're super cute and easy to make. Here's what we did: 




Since it's Halloween themed, we chose to make a pumpkin, black cat, a monster, dragon, and a witch. But the most important thing about making these night lights is an imagination. You can make whatever you want, especially with a glue gun. For example ...

To make the pumpkin, twist a green pipe cleaner around your finger, cut a rectangle out of brown felt, cut a slit on top of the cup, and glue. Finally, cut hole out using the hole puncher. This will make the light shine through. 


The kids had a blast creating their own design. I even jumped in and made one. 

The possibilities are endless. And so are the scraps of felt, pipe cleaners, and punched holes all over the ground. :)


Happy Halloween, everyone!