Today we made monsters. We're studying the letter M, learning about shapes, plus it's almost Halloween so it was an ideal choice to make monsters based on Ed Wemberely's classic, Go Away, Big Green Monster! Here's what we did:

1. I read aloud Go Away, Big Green Monster! My students loved it so much I read it twice. Then I went through each page and asked what shape Emberely used to make a monster. We looked at how he used triangles for teeth, a circle for the face, an oval for the nose. 2. I gave each group a stack of colorful construction paper, instructing them to recreate a monster using shapes. I recommend using black construction paper as the backdrop because it makes the monster pop out! 3. After given creative reign, students drew their shapes then cut them out. 4. Finally, they glued their shapes to create monsters!

It was a fun monster, math day! My kindergarteners and first graders thoroughly enjoyed this activity. It was a monster smash. ;)