Ed Emberely is a favorite of ours. His aesthetic is timeless, his art is tangible, and his art is inspirational. It's so tangible and inspirational that Malachi (7) and Maile (9) re-created their own masterpieces. The best part of this project is that it crosses over to math. How? Read more to find out.


Before beginning, I recommend looking at this site for inspiration. There you will find oodles of inspiration for this art activity. There's so much eye candy. (Ed Emberely, you genius, YOU!)

The materials you need are: black and white cardstock, colorful paper, glue, and scissors. 


First create a circle template. I used the base of a mason jar. Trace and cut several circles using the template. (The template is the black circle below.)

Continue making shapes. We made long rectangles with the black paper and little circles with the other construction paper. Start making a picture with the shapes. Play around with the shapes. 

Once you like the arrangement, glue down the pieces. 


TA DA! A beautiful collage using basic shapes. Enjoy!