Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda invites readers to participate and experience skiing. Readers shake, tap, turn the book to create snow, assist Bunny to ski faster, and even help Bunny jump over a hole.

Its sweet ending is a lovely way to welcome and enjoy cold weather.

Along with this book, Chronicle Books provided a care package filled with many goodies to accompany Bunny Slopes. The items included in the box were hand warmers, hot cocoa mix, a cute stuffed bunny, and a flip book activity.

For the flip book, my seven-year-old son cut out the images, arranged them in numerical order, stapled the pages together, then flipped through to make the pictures animated. Finally, he flipped the book over and created his own Karate flip book. 

Overall, my son gave the book a "thumb's up" because it was fun. I personally liked the creativity and interactive-quality of Bunny Slopes. I'd recommend adding this book to your home library.