Today we made X-crossing for the letter X. Here's what we did:

MATERIALS: Brown, black, and gray card stock, x template (there's other letter x resources provided by an excellent site I use for my classroom), glue, and scissors.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Prep the paper. First, cut the brown and black paper into long strips. Second, take the brown paper and cut into thirds. Finally, you will need four black strips and 12 brown strips. 

2. Cut and glue the x template onto the gray paper. 

3. Take the long, black strips and lay them on the x. 

Do this four times. Optional: Cut the black strips to match the white x. 

4. Lay the brown paper onto the black tracks. Use three strips on each track. 

TA DA! X is for X-crossing!

Add a little handwriting with "X is for X-crossing." Enjoy!