Today we're learning about the letter W, so we made a watermelon W. A cute book to accompany this watermelon activity is The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli. It's a story about an alligator swallowing a watermelon seed. If you were a worried youngster like me, then this story will transport you back to your childhood. ;) Here's what we did:

MATERIALS: Red, green, white, and black paper; scissors, glue, and a w template

DIRECTIONS: 1. Print the W template. Trace and cut it out. This W will serve as your stencil. 2. Using the stencil, trace a W onto the red paper. 3. Carefully cut it out. 4. Using the W template, trace out a W from the green paper. 5. Cut it out. 

6. Then, go back and trace out a thin W. This is your watermelon rind.

7. From the black paper, draw and cut out little watermelon seeds. 

8. It's time to assemble!

9. First put a little outline of glue on the red W. Lay the green piece onto it. 10. Add your seeds. 

Let it dry! TA DA! W is for Watermelon. Enjoy!