We continue our letter of the week series. This week it's the letter V. So we made violets. Here's what we did: 

MATERIALS: violet, green, and white paper, pencil, hole punch, scissors, and glue

DIRECTIONS: 1. Draw violets onto the violet paper. You could use a black permanent marker to make the violets pop. It's optional, but the results look cool. 

2. Cut the violets. Be careful! They're tiny. In other words, this activity is perfect for little fingers because it strengthens their hand muscles. 

3. Draw and cut out green leaves. 4. Write a capital V on the white paper with pencil or a black Sharpie. 5. Glue the flowers on the V. 

6. Using the hole punch, make little green circles to glue onto the violets. 

TA DA! V is for violets. If you add the black sharpie as an outline, it makes the craft appear brighter. Enjoy!