We made water color flashcards on my previous post; so today I'm showing you several uses for them. Side Note: If you don't have a copy of these flashcards, click here for a set. Also, you'll need magnet letters for some activities. Here's what we did:


1. Ask your child to lay the flashcards in alphabetical order. Just work with six cards at a time so she's not overwhelmed. 2. Using the magnet letters, have your child put the correct letter on the card. Continue until all the cards are used.


This is similar to the above activity, but it just uses vowels. 1. Ask your child to find all the vowel flashcards. 2. Place them on the table in ABC order.

3. Again, match all the magnet letters with the correct vowel. These two activities help with letter recognition. 


For this activity, you don't need magnet letters, just flashcards. 1. Scramble the flashcards. 

2. Hold the card in front of your student and ask what letter it is. Continue until the deck is finished.

3. Scramble the flashcards again. This time, hold the cards away from your child. Say the letter's sound, then have your child name the letter. Go through the entire stack.  


1. Scramble cards again. 2. Holding the cards away from view, say a word that begins with the letter. 3. Wait for your student to say the letter it begins with you. For example, say goat. Your student should say G. Both activities work on phonics skills.